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Guilloche on the Reverse Side of Mandala Rings.

What is Guilloché?

Guilloché is the term that is used to refer to a specific method of engraving.  Put simply, it is engraving that is done on either a Rose Engine lathe or a Straight Line engraving machine.  Guilloché is characterized by brilliant cuts and exacting patterns that mesmerize the eye.  The “play of light” that is inherent in Guilloché engraving is unlike any other engraving method.

A Deeper Dive...

Whether directed here by our web shop, or perhaps a search engine, you have landed on the site that goes behind the scenes at studiocelia in the sphere of guilloché.  We want to share as much as possible about the processes and the machines we use in our creations.


On this page, we are also including articles about Brocading Machines that create engravings automatically by following a pattern.  Although it is not technically Guilloché, we chose to place them here to emphasize the engraving aspects of our studio.

Guilloché in process on our Plant Trade Rose Engine Lathe



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