Guilloché Gems

Guilloché Gems in Amethyst, Citrine, and Blue Topaz with engraved 18K Palladium White Gold
Mandala Rings with a Twist

“Guilloché Gems” can be used with our transparent gems, citrine, amethyst, and blue topaz. The “Guilloché Gems” are a process I started integrating with my work some years ago when I fell head over heels for guilloché engraving. I have devised a way to now offer them available as an option for the Mandala Rings. 

So, what is the process? We make the addition of a guilloché engraved 750/18K Palladium White Gold disc and place it under the gemstone. The optical effect created by the lens of colored gem material on top of the engraving is scintillating in its own unique way. This of course adds several more steps to the already laborious process of creating our Mandala Rings. 
For me, the results speak for themselves. I hope you like them too.

Published by Celia Kudro

I am Celia Kudro, a designer/artisan/creator. My artistic pursuits started with lapidary gem stone cutting, followed by gold and silver work. After seeing an exhibition of Fabergé objects at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I became transfixed by the processes of Guilloché engraving on metals as well as the use of vitreous enamels, and the art of ornamental turning.

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